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Rentica operate in the booking market since 2000. We created a platform that would not only allow our clients to book a boat, but to make this process as easy as possible. Rentica deals with all the major boat hire companies around the world checking which local supplier is offering the best prices for the boat you want on the date you need it..

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28 Aug 2015

For Boatmakers, Fuel Economy Targets May Be Less of a Stretch

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If you’re not supposed to drive when drunk or under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, it goes to reason that you shouldn’t do the same while sailing. Quite a few accidents, injuries or deaths are caused by the victims being under the influence. Luckily, there are laws against this. So, if you’re caught boating under the influence without causing anyone harm, you will either pay heavy fines or spend a few months in jail.

These bags are excellent for keeping your essentials dry. Adventure and extreme sports lovers who prefer kayaking, sailing, and whitewater rafting, will find this extremely useful for keeping their things away from moisture and water. So, whether you want to store your dry clothes so you can change after a day on the water or keep your cameras, phones, wristwatches and gadgets dry in your boat, these waterproof bags are crucial to your boating adventure.

Of equal importance is paying attention to the weather forecast. Unless you want to face stormy waters, beware venturing out into the water until the weather forecast is favorable. So, always check for weather conditions before taking your boat out and stay alert in case of sudden weather changes

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Mark Jameson 25 minutes ago Reply

Immensely amazing dude

Jaina Jameson 25 minutes ago Reply

This is magnificent work.

Anna Jameson 25 minutes ago Reply

Nice =) I admire the use of style and lines!.

Aliena Jameson 25 minutes ago Reply

Killer shot dude.

John Jameson 25 minutes ago Reply

White. Can't wait to try it out.

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Such elegant.

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